9th Islamiyat Moziyati Mutalya Notes 

9th Class Islamiyat Moziyati Mutalya Notes In PDF Free Download

Part III: Thematic Study
The Holy Quran: Introduction, Protection, Virtues
Lesson “Quran: Introduction, Preservation, Virtues” Practice
۔ Love and obedience to Allah and His Messenger
* Love with God Almighty
Love for the Messenger of God
• Obedience, the end of prophecy
حل Lesson The solution to the practice of “love and obedience to Allah and His Messenger”
۔ Obligation and virtue of knowledge
* The importance of knowledge
* The importance of acquiring knowledge
The virtue of knowledge and the solution to its practice
Tests: Pages 1 to 2
۔ Zakat (Obligation, Importance, and Expenses)
* Obligation, importance
• Expenses
Lesson The solution to the practice of “Zakat”

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