9th Math Matrices and Determinants Unit 1 Notes

Download 9th Maths Matrices and Determinants Unit 1 Notes PDF English Medium

Unit 1: Matrices and Determinants 

Introduction, Matrix, Row and Column Matrix, Order of Matrix, Equal Matrices, EX 1.1, Types of Matrices (Row Matrices, Column Matrix, Rectangular Matrix, Square Matrix, Null or Zero Matrix, Transport of Matrix, Negative of Matrix, Symmetric Matrix, Skew Symmetric, Diagonal Matrix, Scalar Matrix, Identity Matrix)

Unit 1: Matrices and Determinants

EX 1.2, Addition and Subtraction of Matrices, Multiplication of a Matrix by a Real Numbers, Commutative and Associative Laws of Addition of Matrices, Additive inverse and identity of Matrices, EX# 1.3


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Unit 1: Matrices and Determinants 

Multiplication of Matrices, Associative Law under Multiplication, Distributive Law of multiplication over addition and subtraction, Commutative law of multiplication of  Matrices, Multiplicative Identity of a Matrices, EX# 1.4, Multiplication inverse of a Matrix ( Determinant of a 2-by-2 Matrix, Singular and Non-Singular Matrix, Adjoint of Matrix), Multiplicative Inverse of a Non-singular Matrix, Inverse of Matrix using Adjoint, Verification  of, EX# 1.5

Unit 1: Matrices and Determinants 

The solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations (Matrix inversion method, Cramer’s Rule) EX# 1.6, Review of EX#1, Summary)

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