Pakistan Studies Notes for Class 9th Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Establishment of Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Pakistan (1940-1947)
Pakistan Resolution
Corps Mission Background, suggestions, reactions of political parties
Jinnah Gandhi Talks 1944)
CR Formula 1944)); Shimla Conference (Background, Suggestions)
General election; Congress and Muslim League manifesto, election campaign, election results
Muslim League Assembly Convention 1946
Cabinet Mission Plan 1946; Introduction, Background Cabinet Mission Tips Political parties react to cabinet mission; Quaid-e-Azam’s final decision
Comparison of Corps Mission and Cabinet Mission Plan proposals
Interim Government 1946-47
Plan of June 3, 1947; Background, Lord Wave’s failure; Negotiations with political leaders
Holding an all-party conference; Highlights of the June 3, 1947 plan

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