9th Math Real and Complex Numbers Unit#2

Download 9th Maths Real and Complex Numbers Unit 2 Notes PDF English Medium

Unit 2: Real and Complex Numbers 

Introduction, Real Numbers ( Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers), Set of Real Numbers ( Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers), Depiction of Real Number on Number line, Demonstration of a number with terminating and non-terminating decimals on the number line ( Rational Numbers, terminating decimal fractions, recurring and non-terminating decimal fractions, Irrational numbers), Representation of rational and irrational numbers on the number line, EX# 2.1, Properties of Real Numbers, Properties of Real Numbers with respect to addition and multiplication, Properties of Equality and inequality of real Numbers, EX#2.2, Radicals and radicands, Difference between radical form and exponential form, Properties of radicals, Transformation of an expression given in the radical form to exponential form and vice versa, EX# 2.3


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Unit 2: Real and Complex Numbers 

Laws of exponents/ indices ( Base and exponent, application of laws of exponents), EX# 2.4, Complex Numbers (Set of Complex Numbers and conjugate of complex numbers), Equality of complex numbers and its properties, EX# 2.5.

Unit 2: Real and Complex Numbers 

Basic Operations on Complex Numbers (Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division) EX# 2.6, Review EX # 2

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